"Rhona’s brilliance as an acting coach as well as a scholar is extraordinary, and I’ve gained so much knowledge and appreciation in what was really a very short time."Erika

"I can't recommend Speak the Verse with Rhona Silverbush too highly.  In it, participants pay close attention to every word of a text, feeling the language by speaking it, and in the process learn to appreciate Shakespeare's extraordinary genius more vividly than ever before.  Rhona guides the process with great erudition and personal warmth. The experience intensifies every subsequent encounter with Shakespeare.  Anyone who cares about Shakespeare or the English language should take this class."–Ruth

“I feel that I get something special from Rhona’s coaching that I have been looking for for a long time.”–Fran

"As a 10+ year docent with Folger Shakespeare Library, I came to Rhona’s classes with what I believed was a good working knowledge of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.  Her classes have increased my appreciation of the text exponentially.  I find that I'm understanding so much more of Shakespeare's intent now whenever I read or see a play.  And the increased exposure to portions of the text has heightened my interest in reading more on my own.  The 'Play Reading Circle' I joined last spring was also a LOT of fun.  I've met some lovely people through the classes and hope to see them at future classes or at Shakespeare Society events."–Grace

"I have now taken a number of Shakespeare classes with Rhona Silverbush, beginning some years ago.  Her central philosophy is that Shakespeare tells us in his beautiful language how to act it out; i.e., that understanding a Shakespeare speech is the foundation for speaking it.  Rhona expertly guided us non-actors through this process, using both her great knowledge of the Shakespeare canon and her terrific ability as an acting coach.  She is a kind and caring person and teacher, and no one need let a lack of experience in “Speak the Verse” hold them back from taking this or any other of Rhona’s courses.  The only real requirement is a love of Shakespeare, which so many of us share. I really loved learning to do a soliloquy by Viola in Twelfth Night (“I left no ring with her…”), since, I as a man, got to play a woman disguised as a man, but played in Shakespeare’s time by a man.  I highly recommend this and all of Rhona’s other classes."–Carter

"Imagine you’re attending a production of The Tempest and in the middle of the play you’re able to freeze time and make everything stop, except yourself. You walk on stage and proceed towards Prospero’s cave when all of a sudden you realize that he’s also exempt from the spell.  He is still Prospero: a dreamer, a kind of shaman if you will, someone who dwells in hidden mysteries, a magician.  And, magician that he is, he can transform himself into your best friend: he can time-travel to the present, speak your language, and be generous with conversation, offering you a most pleasant and joyful company.  Furthermore, he will take you on a journey into the inner workings of his magic, while at the same time charm you with his own spell.  So was Rhona to Prospero, and Speak the Verse to his magic.  It was a real delight to be in her class and to see her genuinely inspired by the multifaceted and wondrous world behind Shakespeare’s text.  Her no-nonsense and methodical approach to teaching allows for its direct comprehension and, immediately following, an immersion into the actor’s inner-world: one that’s in constant motion and has the single aim to create vibrant life all over again."–Flavio

“When I felt lost in my audition, I just went back to what you said and started stretching out all the ‘O’ sounds!  It definitely helped, and I couldn’t shake how vulnerable I felt afterwards, which I think is right – Juliet is in an awful state!  The director seemed very pleased with my work.  Thanks and thanks!!”–Erica

"It is a real pleasure to be in Rhona's class.  She's one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring teachers (Shakespeare or otherwise) that I've come across.  My thanks to Rhona and to the Shakespeare Society!"–Jessica