Hone Your Craft; Prepare for an Audition or Role.

Ms. Silverbush doesn’t only know the craft of acting, she is also gifted at the art of teaching.  And so she’s become renowned for breaking down complex processes so that they become clear and obvious for the actor, mapping the character’s trajectory, removing roadblocks and helping actors “get” the smaller moments and the bigger picture without getting overwhelmed.

Coupling this with a deep and empathic understanding of human nature (her degree in psychology doesn’t hurt!), Ms. Silverbush helps you understand your character and your characters’ situations and motives intimately, and she helps you communicate your choices with complexity and nuance.


Learn to play Shakespeare with ease and authenticity.

Everyone needs to look up the words.  But once you've done that, Shakespeare does half your acting for you and thus is actually easier to act than most other playwrights…You need only realize what he's given you.  Everything you need is in the text — you could not be more supported.   

Co-author of Speak the Speech! Shakespeare's Monologues Illuminated, acting and text coach Rhona Silverbush demystifies Shakespeare's language and shows you the toolbox Shakespeare has packed up for you to enable you to easily and joyfully connect with your character, her/his circumstances and your audience.


Whatever you’re diving into…

Whether you are a professional actor with an audition tomorrow (!), an actor developing a role in which you've already been cast, a student auditioning for college or grad school, or a layperson seeking to "get this stuff" – and whether you're acting Shakespeare or another playwright's words – Ms. Silverbush can prepare you to embody your role and love the process.   

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