ABOUT Speak the Speech! Shakespeare’s Monologues Illuminated

A detailed guide to approaching Shakespearean text, Speak the Speech! contains everything an actor needs to select and prepare a Shakespeare monologue for classwork, auditions, or performance.

Included herein are over 150 monologues.  Each one is placed in context with a brief introduction, is carefully punctuated in the manner that best illustrates its meaning, and is painstakingly and thoroughly annotated.  Each is also accompanied by commentary that will spark the actor's imagination by exploring how the interrelationship of meter and the choice of words and sounds yields clues to character and performance.  And throughout the book sidebars relate historical, topical, technical, and other useful and entertaining information relevant to the text.  In addition, the authors include an overview of poetic and rhetorical elements, brief synopses of all the plays, and a comprehensive index along with other guidelines that will help readers locate the perfect monologue for their needs.

More than just an actor's toolkit, Speak the Speech! is also an entertaining resource that will help demystify Shakespeare's language for the student and theater lover alike.

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“A fabulous book, gloriously packed with information.”
–Sir Derek Jacobi

“The most detailed introduction to the delights of Shakespeare that I have ever read. Equally useful to the enthusiastic amateur or the dedicated professional, it is a must for any college and worth a place in any private library.”
–Terry Hands, Artistic Director Emeritus, Royal Shakespeare Company

“This is a great, amusing, and helpful resource book for any actor and anyone interested in breaking down the barriers to Shakespeare’s text, meanings, and interpretation. It makes the Bard accessible to all. Where was Speak the Speech! when I was at Juilliard?”
–Kevin Spacey

“I celebrate all things that demystify Shakespeare so that artists and audiences alike can breathe and live inside his wondrous words. Speak the Speech! does just that. It is a great resource not just for actors but for anyone who loves the Bard.”
–George C. Wolfe, Producer and Artistic Director Emeritus, the Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival

“For the actor looking to find in one collection a comprehensive selection of Shakespeare’s monologues, Speak the Speech! is a rich and comprehensive resource.”
–Jeffrey Horowitz, Artistic Director, Theatre for a New Audience

Speak the Speech! combines extensive, concise, fascinating research with commonsense acting tips. It’s a great reference for any actor.”
–Michael Murray, Director of Theater Arts, Brandeis University